February 19, 2008

We've lost the remote again.

We lose the remote at least once a day. Sometimes more, depending on how stealthy the halfling and the fourthling are feeling that day. Then, my husband gets all pissed off and threatens to glue the remote down to the table if we don't get our asses in gear. He has, as of yet, not done this. But, I guess it makes him feel better to yell it out for all to hear occasionally. I guess he thinks his threats scare us.

We are currently enjoying the poltergeist channel. Craig T. Nelson would be so proud.

If I was I was really good Mother I would make the fourthling put his hands on the screen and repeat the words, "They're here!" That is, if he could talk......and if he could follow directions. But for now I will just enjoy the white noise of scrambled television. I wonder if Zelda Rubenstein does house calls anymore? And I wonder what MY television has to say.

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