April 1, 2008

Daily Humor

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Jew, anyone?

Before you go and get 'cher panties all in a wad...the above statement is not meant to be antisemitic. Oh, quite to the contrary. You see.... in our house, "Jew" is fourthling speak for "Juice". Or anything that remotely resembles a sippy cup. I'm sure we could spike his sippy with a nip a gin and he'd be none the wiser as long as it donned a popular cartoon character. In a life or death situation I fear he'd choose his sippy and paci over me. It's a rough place being in 3rd. We taunt him occasionally after we've hid his sippy in another room. "Where's your jew? Where is it? Go find your jew!". He frantically looks for it, calling out for it as if it will answer him one day, "Jew? Jew? Jew?" And we laugh because he cracks our shit up searching for his long lost jew. Oh, sweet manna from heaven it is.