February 14, 2008

Today is the day of LOVE!

"Romeo, Romeo, wherefore out thou Romeo?"

I know where my Romeo is. He is sound asleep and snoring sweet serenades of love to me from our bedroom. Ever the prepared lover that he is... I had a Valentines card waiting for me this morning. I'm sure he read every word in the store and found the absolute perfect card to express his undying love to me. It's really not important that I heard him sneak out at 1:30 AM to go to Walmart. And that I had to remind him that tomorrow was V-Day. To him, it's just another Hallmark holiday. But he humors me, and for that I love him. Here is what the card said on the outside:
"Because you're my wife I want to fill your life with tender touches and passionate kisses."
On the inside it read:
"To give you true understanding and always find new things about you to love...to save special time for just us two--our private escape from the rush of the world....and always, I want to delight you, intrigue you, and love you with all my heart and soul. Happy Valentines Day Love Always."

Now, as I read the above song and verse I had a good chuckle. Ok, I laughed out loud many times. You see, my dear husband is a man's man. He usually buys me funny cards that express his sick sense of humor. It wasn't the card that made me laugh, it was that it was so not like him to buy something so.....emotional. He was standing next to me enjoying the look on my face as I read and laughed.

He could have just left the card as is, but no.....
Not my husband.

It he wasn't putting his foot in his mouth, well, he wouldn't know what to do with it.

He said that as he picked around the Valentine card section (with several other men doing the same thing....at 1:30 in the morning) he found a frilly one, read a few words, exclaimed outloud for all to hear,"Well, that sounds queer enough!" and left.

Ah, such a romantic he is.

God, I love him.

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