March 21, 2008

Is it weird that I can identify with Monk?

I admit it, I have issues. I've known this since I was a child. I line things up just so. Dishes have to be put away in a certain order. Clothes have to be folded my way. If things are not done a certain eats at me to the point where I cannot function. It's all I can think about. I have to fix it before I can accomplish anything else.

I can distinctly remember after the halfling was born when we lost a pacifier one day. I searched for 2 hours until I found that one pacifier. Did it matter that we had 9 other ones just like it? No, it did not. Did it matter that the halfling didn't really even like his pacifier? Nope. I was grief stricken and absolutely panicked because if we lost one pacifier, that would mean that we had 9 pacifiers left, not 10.

10 is a good number...9 is not.

10=nice even number.

9=we lost a paci and we have 9 left.

9 is an uneven number and bad.

I couldn't live with that. I would obsess about the 9 pacifiers left and how we were supposed to have 10. I finally did find the damned lost pacifier, and when I did...I have never felt so relieved and happy. You'd think I'd just won the Nobel Peace Prize. It doesn't matter that I could have gone and bought another pacifier. I had to find the lost one. All things were right with the world.

Like I said, I have issues.

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