February 9, 2008

Look what I got in the mail from Japan today.

I love getting packages in the mail. It's like Christmas to me. I get all giddy and excited like a 6 year old does on Christmas morning. Sometimes I wish my spaz of a dog would calm the hell down when the doorbell rings so I could enjoy the moment.

I especially love getting packages from another country. Today, it was from Japan. Something about seeing Japanese writing makes me smile. It's so, like..."foreign" to me. ;)
Plus, I think it makes me look cool to the mail lady. I know she walked away thinking how cultured and international I am.

She was so jealous, I could see it.

She wishes she had packages from Japan delivered to her door.

So, I signed the international waiver thingy, told the mail lady to beat it like Micheal Jackson, and hollered to the brats to come see what we got in the mail from Japan.

The halfling could barely contain his excitement. He kept asking, "It came all the way from Japan? Like where they write Japanese?!!!!" I assured him that yes, they do write in Japanese in Japan, or the last I heard they did.
The fourthling was more interested in the box and newspapers. Typical uncultured child he is.

So, lookie what we got.

What is it? Oh, it's an adorable bento box. A panda one.

And a Frog.

And the panda version of sweatin' to the oldies.

And well, this one came from beautiful state of Washington. But it was made in Japan so that counts for something. My online buddy, Amber, sent it to me from the Japanese dollar store. Because they are lucky to have one, Atlanta is NOT!

Oooooh! My doorbell just rang again! I know it's another package! I'll update later!

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